Calls cost 46p per minute plus your network’s access charge

Mistress knows you need Humiliation Sex Chat!

You probably think that Mistress doesn’t REALLY know what a total dip stick you are, sub? However I know what a wayward tossa you are and I’m going to crush you with the most cringe-worthy humiliation role play! Of course, I won’t listen to any of your pathetic excuse, loser. I’ve heard them all before.

After all, I’m used to dealing with failures like you who are obsessed with their own inadequate cocks. Maybe you need to cross dress to be able to wank properly? This wouldn’t surprise me one bit! One thing is for sure, tranny-boys like you will get the sort of humiliation phone chat you have hitherto only dreamed about! However you don’t have to dress in women’s clothing for Mistress to regard you as a sad failure!

Humiliation Sex Chat for Submissive Men who are LOSERS

Mistress will engage you in the Humiliation Sex Chat that she thinks you deserve!

Of course all you subs come in varying degrees of patheticness. Mistress relishes bringing wayward subs to heel with her acid tongue!Indeed some of you wankas are filthy masturbators -don’t worry Mistress will prevent you from compulsive touching of those slimy slugs! Domination comes in as many styles as you could wish for subs. Personally I get great pleasure in bringing a so called man down to the level of the gutter! Of course I will fix a leather collar around your leg and stuff a butt plug with tail up your sorry, sad arse! Lifestyle Dommes know how to humiliate and subjugate wankers just like you!

Shame and embarrassment will be heaped sky high on you sexual misfits. Of course your Mistress will spare you nothing so long as you crave this cringe-making sex chat – Sub Humiliation is guaranteed on every call you make!

Humiliation Sex Chat -call Mistress NOW!

Calls cost 46p per minute plus your network’s access charge

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