Corporal Punishment and Spanking Chat

You know that you deserve the most rigorous discipline -nothing but a harsh caning by Mistresses is going to be sufficient. Of course, Mistress will severely beat you with her cane, make no mistake about it! She will be caning your backside until it’s criss-crossed with red stripes!

Subs like you can beg and plead for mercy, but Mistress isn’t listening! Of course, there has to be a reason WHY you deserve such punishment, would it have to do with the fact that you’re a compulsive wanker, maybe?

Receive the ultimate in Corporal Punishment from a sexy Mistress

Subs deserve a painful caning from Mistress

Because you wank your sticky little cock way too much, the time has come for your backside to pay for your sins! Obviously you will submit to Mistress and accept your punishment without whining -no Domme will want to hear all your pleas so man-up and grit your teeth. Could be that a simple ATK spanking might sort out some of you wankers -of course, you can ask your phone Mistress for this. However, it’s highly likely that something stricter might be in the cards for you, wanker. Mistress will then choose to punish you with either a slipper, a cane or a paddle. Or even a whip!

Pain junkies like you will get from their Phone Domme exactly what they crave! You know that you have no choice, call for a CP Discipline phone session with Mistress right now!

Corporal Punishment for you then, sub! Call Mistress NOW!